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Elliptical Moving Arlington Heights IL – Barry Services – Call 847-520-3911

Elliptical Moving Arlington Heights IL

Elliptical Moving Arlington Heights IL

Training on your new elliptical engages both your lower and upper body, so when more than one muscle group is working at the same time you’ll increase your calorie burn. Another benefit is that if you are overweight or have joint pain the
the low-impact activity of elliptical training allows you to exercise longer without causing discomfort.

Positioning your body correctly is key to achieving a fulfilling workout on your elliptical trainer. Step on to the trainer and put your feet on the middle of the pedals. Try to ensure your feet remain flat rather than pushing with your toes or heels because it may put extra pressure on your joints.

Use the trainer’s moving handlebars to elevate the intensity of the workout as you pull and push them while pedaling. Remember to maintain an upright, consistent posture with your shoulders back and chest out. You’ll increase the amount of calories you burn, which is critical for achieving a trimmer abdomen. To make it even more challenging, you can adjust the resistance setting to really work your calves and thigh muscles.

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Achieving a flatter belly takes time and dedication. Plan to do some sort of cardiovascular workout on your elliptical a few days per week for at least fifteen to thirty minutes. A good way to raise the intensity of your workout is through interval training. In contrast to steady-state cardiovascular, where your heart rate remains constant throughout the activity, it varies during interval training.

This results in an effective “burn” not just during but after the workout too, meaning your body will continue to burn calories even after you’re done exercising!

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