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Barry Services Fitness Equipment Repair & Moving

Decent company from my limited interaction but I hate that I had to pay $135 for 14 minutes of their time inside my house (I know it took that much time exactly thanks to my cameras). Keep in mind I’m in their service area and I know gas is expensive but for that much time and cost I’d expect at least a different rate than those who actually get work done. Seems a bit much for someone to come out and by just looking and listening to my treadmill being told to buy a new one. At no point was the treadmill motor opened up or inspected and after about 3 minutes of being visually looked at from a distance that was it. After that I stood around while a description was written on their iPad and a receipt was made. I was told to pay the amount and buy a new treadmill and that’s it. Next time maybe I’ll just not even bother to diagnose and put the money towards a new treadmill to start with.
Barry Services was great. My Sole F85 Treadmill was brand new but it had some static noise coming from the console speaker. Sole Fitness sent me the replacement part and it was under warrant. Barry Services completed the repair under the warranty. Now that I know there is a service for treadmills, I will definitely use them again in the future should we have any other issues with our treadmill.
The guys were friendly and efficient. Great Job! Will use again.
Barry Services fixed the clanking noise coming from my LifeCycle bike, and has allowed us to continue getting great use out of it! Repair is better than replace in most cases! (and often cheaper as well!)
Great service and moving of equipment I use them personally to service my treadmill try them out great work.