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Fitness Equipment Repair Aurora IL – Barry Services – Call 847-520-3911

Fitness Equipment Repair Aurora IL

Fitness Equipment Repair Aurora IL

Are you aware that what and when you eat has an impact upon your workout? Without a doubt, there’s a direct connection between exercise and eating. You can optimize the results of your workouts by utilizing a few helpful tips such as:

-Start off right with a nutritious breakfast. Give yourself enough time in the morning to finish your breakfast a minimum of 60 minutes before exercising.

This will help provide you with enough energy. If you do not eat, you may feel tired when you do your exercise routine. Smart breakfast choices include yogurt, bananas, bread or whole-grain cereal. Emphasize carbs for energy.

-Balance is key, so avoid eating too much before exercising. Have your larger meals 3 or 4 hours before starting your exercises. Smaller snacks are okay 1 hour beforehand. Overeating can result in sluggishness, while not eating enough might not provide the energy you’ll need to during a workout and then throughout your day.

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-Snack smart. Snacks right before beginning your exercise routing probably will not provide a noticeable boost in energy. However, it can help to sustain your blood sugar level and avoid the distraction of feeling hungry. Smart snack choices include peanut butter, energy bars or low-fat granola.

-Eat when you’re finished exercising to help your muscles successfully recover. Choose foods that contain both carbs and protein within 2 hours if your schedule permits. Good choices are fruit, yogurt, chicken, brown rice and pasta.

-Hydrate. Remember to consume plenty of fluids prior to, during and after exercise to prevent risk of dehydration.

It’s generally recommended that adults drink 2 or 3 three cups of water before a workout, about 1 cup every 20 minutes during the activity and then 2 to 3 cups afterwards for each pound you want to lose.

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