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Fitness Equipment Repair Naperville

Fitness Equipment Repair Naperville

It’s no newsflash that diet and exercise are very much connected to each other. The foods you consume and how often you consume them are related to the way you feel during your workout, whether it’s walking, running or strength training. Here are some basic diet tips to help you optimize your workouts:

-Morning meal. Whether or not you eat breakfast before a workout session depends on your fitness goals, the kind of exercise you’ll be doing and your individual condition. After a night’s sleep, your body’s blood sugar levels are typically going to be lower than during other times of the day. This may lead to feeling sluggish during a workout.

To that end, a snack before your morning workout routing can help raise blood sugar levels and supply enough energy to feel your best.

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For some, exercising soon after breakfast can cause an upset stomach. However, though it may seem tempting to exercise without any breakfast or snack, this may impede your performance in some activities. Most people, though, are able to complete their routine safely without eating unless they’re going to exercise for an hour or more.

-Monitor your portion sizes. When it comes to the amount you eat prior to exercising, it’s important to avoid overdoing it. Some basic guidelines are:

For your larger meals, plan to eat them a minimum of three or four hours ahead of exercising. As for smaller meals and snacks, have these approximately one to three hours before you exercise. Some snack suggestions include Snack Wells, smoothies or peanut butter. Most people are usually okay eating a small snack just before exercising. The key, though, is to do what’s best for you!

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