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Fitness Equipment Repair Schaumburg IL – Barry Services – Call 847-520-3911

Fitness Equipment Repair Schaumburg IL


Fitness Equipment Repair Schaumburg IL

A basic way of defining strength training is any type of physical motion that entails using the weight of your body or equipment (like dumbbells) to build more muscle and endurance.

The most common varieties of strength training typically include:

-Muscle building. This is training that utilizes moderate or heavy weights in order to develop more muscle and gain strength.

-Endurance. Generally, this refers to the ability of your muscles to perform exercises for a set amount of time. Strength training that increases muscular tissue endurance often involves a high number of repetitions using weights.

-Circuit training. With this type of conditioning, you’ll cycle your way through a range of exercises with only short breaks between each one.

-Maximum strength training. These exercises involve low repetitions (usually two to six) and heavier weights to enhance your strength overall.

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Depending upon which version of strength training you select to reach your fitness goals, there are different forms of equipment to help you get there such as:


-Free weights. This is exercise equipment that’s not part of a piece of equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells.

-Resistance bands or loop bands. These are rubber bands which provide a degree of resistance as they stretch.

-Weight machines. Fitness machines that have adjustable weights that provide resistance to engage to the muscles

There are also forms of strength training that don’t require the use of free weights or strength training machines.

Instead, they involve simply using gravity and the weight of your body weight to perform movements like pushups, pullups, lunges and squats.

Regardless of whichever sort of strength training you plan to do, the goal is to place enough tension on your muscles to stimulate growth. As you train regularly, you’ll get noticeably stronger.

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