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Treadmill Repair Chicago

Is your Treadmill giving you grief? Is it making odd noises, running slow or has it stopped entirely? Our Treadmill Repair Chicago service techs specialize in fitness equipment repair and moving. We’re here to find the problem and restore your treadmill to good working order.

We know your Treadmill is a key factor for a healthy lifestyle and it being out of commission just adds to the stresses of your daily routines. We will find the problem and fix it. Our Treadmill Repair Chicago services are quick and affordable


The authorized tech that services your Treadmill is trained and will try to repair your Treadmill, before having to order new parts that you may not need. With all exercise equipment, problems do arise and taking care of your Treadmill is a great preventive measure to make sure it runs properly.

Listening for odd noises or being aware of the performance you are getting from your treadmill, should be an ongoing thing


Diagnostic testing
Replacement of belts and motors
Testing of the belts tension
Warranty Repairs
We check for those things and a lot more. Just give us a call and we will send out a service technician. Don’t try to fix the treadmill yourself, you may add to the problem even more. And the little fix may turn into a larger issue.


We want to resolve the issues at hand. There is no need to buy a new treadmill and spend more money. Your machine may just need to be adjusted or it may need a slight fix. You should know most of the problems with treadmills is usually a minor thing. If you maintain your treadmill properly you should get a long life out of it.

Throwing your treadmill away because its not performing properly, should be the last resort. Let our Treadmill Repair serviceman in Chicago take a look at it before you decide to spend more money on new equipment.