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Treadmill Repair Company in Chicago, Illinois

Having problems with your Treadmill? We are a Treadmill Repair Company servicing the Chicago, Il area. We have experienced technicians that come out to your home and repair your faulty treadmill or other fitness equipment.

Before arriving at your home, we like to inquire as to what the problem is, before we send an experienced treadmill repair technician out by you. Our experienced team has knowledge in all makes and models of treadmills.

We provide a warranty service for many manufactures of treadmills. Our specialists have the skills and know the layout of each treadmill and how each individual machine is suppose to work.


Repetitive work gives us the quality experience we need to repair and correct the problems that our clients experience with their treadmills. We abide by the standards of each manufacturers guide. It’s or job to know the product and it’s a way we guarantee outstanding servicing.

Ignoring an issue no matter how small can lead to big problems. Treadmills are built with many parts and if one part fails it can cause damage to other components on your treadmill. Taking proper care and monitoring your treadmill for changes in sound or changes in stability is vital to your equipments performance.


If you have any of the listed problems, reach for the phone and contact our Treadmill Repair Company in Chicago. All of these issues and more could result in costly repairs. If you don’t call a Treadmill Repair Company when the minor problems arise, you may be in for major problems if this is left un handled.


Most problems are a quick and simple fix. Our qualified servicemen should know what the problem is and how to restore it no time. Before they start their work, they will let you know what exactly what they will be doing and how much the repair should cost.

Anything major that needs to be done will first be discussed with you and you can decide what actions need to be taken.